Top 20 Most Liked Instagram Posts

Top 20 Most Liked Instagram Posts

The 20 most liked posts on Instagram

20. Lionel Messi takes the trophy
We kick things off with legend Lionel Messi celebrating after his national team Argentina won the Copa América trophy.

19. Lionel Messi takes up a new team
Again, it's Messi. This post came hot on the heels of his one about leaving Barcelona, with the player announcing his signing to PSG.

18. A victorious post from Messi
Once again, Messi has made the list – this time celebrating a victory against the Netherlands.

This post became incredibly popular in such a short period time. Perhaps surprisingly, this is Eilish's only post on the list.

16. Neymar and World Cup loss
Some win, some lose. Neymar reflects in his Instagram post on the elimination of the Brazilian team.

15. Kylie makes the list
Here we have Kylie Jenner sharing a photo of her newborn baby.

14. Lionel Messi and the win against Mexico
Another World Cup post. This time with Lionel Messi celebrating the win of Argentina over Mexico.

13. Three Spidermen and a lot of likes
Next is a post from Tom Holland, where he recreates the famous Spiderman meme with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

12. Kylie announces a sibling for Stormi
Kylie Jenner, once holder of the record of the most liked photo on Instagram, is back again with her announcement that she's pregnant with baby number two. The cute video quickly went viral as fans fell over themselves to share the news.

11. Happy Birthday, Tom Holland!
Zendaya makes her only appearance on the list, with a post saying happy birthday to Tom Holland.

10. Ariana Grande gets married to Dalton Gomez
Ariana Grande's only post in the list (for now), here she shares some snaps from her wedding.

9. Messi's back with another win
This time he's celebrating a win against Croatia in the 2022 World Cup.

8. XXXTentacion’s last Instagram post
This was the last post from rapper XXXTentacion before his death in June 2018.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo isn't happy
Here’s Cristiano Ronaldo again, leaving the field after Portugal lost against Morocco and was eliminated from the World Cup.

6. Messi and Ronaldo face off in a game of chess
With both footballers holding multiple places on the list, Louis Vuitton really knew what they were doing when they brought both together for this advertising campaign.

5. Ronaldo and his partner announce twins
Ronaldo's next post in the list is of his and his wife announcing their twins. Sadly, as noted earlier in the list, one of the twins died during childbirth. The post is now full of comments of love and support.

4. Lionel Messi poses with the World Cup trophy
Next up we have Messi posing with the World Cup trophy, a huge achievement that was celebrated around the world on social.

3. Ronaldo and Messi are still playing chess
Cristiano Ronaldo also posted about the Louis Vuitton picture of him and Lionel Messi playing chess. On the date of writing, it’s currently the second-most liked Instagram post.

2. An egg.
There was a lengthy period when this picture of an egg cracked every Instagram record, with over 56 million likes at the time of writing.

1. Lionel Messi celebrates winning the World Cup with Argentina
Messi's done it! He beat the egg, and for good reason! This is a moment that'll go down in history.